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Eats365 - Online and mobile food ordering

Content-rich and easy to use, Eats365 is the revolutionary, simple-to-use, iPad-based POS that makes running your business easy.
Eats365 focusses all the features of our restaurant POS system into three key areas: easy business management, increasing staff productivity and improving customer service.
Make POS system cost-effective and user friendly with Eats365, the simple iPad system may not have as many features as others but makes up for it with Simple use and excellent pricing.
This system is perfect for small Cafes, Food Trucks and Restaurants. As well as all of the above, easily add an App based ordering system for your customers. Cloud based management allows you to make changes on the fly from wherever you are. Simply use any browser with an Internet Connection and you are ready to go. 

Locally supported across NZ! - Check out more about EATS365 here!


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