Ingenico DESK5000

Full colour display and superior performance

The DESK5000 has a large full colour display and has multiple integration and connectivity options!

Nice Features

Payment Type Swipe, Insert, Paywave, NFC (Apple Pay, Google Pay etc)
Multiple Connectivity Options Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/GPRS & Dial.
Base Inclusions Power Cable, Connectivity Cable, Merchant/Customer Terminal

Great Benefits

Convenient payment on the spot Compact & easy to handle ensuring a superior payment experience for cardholders and merchants alike.
Exceptional Performance Fast transaction speeds, multiple connectivity options, POS integration*, full colour customer display with personalised branding available.
Point of Sale & Cash Register Integrations The versatile EFTPOS machine will integrate with multiple Point of Sale systems as well as Casio Cash Registers. Cuts down on mistakes and gives full tracking of payments!
Tipping & Surcharging The EFTPOS now supports both Tipping and Surcharging! Surcharging can be setup for a fixed percentage to help businesses out with merchant fees.


Display Full Colour Backlit LCD Display
Contactless Contactless Card Acceptance Capability
Chip Magnetic Stripe and Chip Card Interfaces
Optional Customer Pin-Pad Optional customer pin-pad that connects to this EFTPOS machine.

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