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Point of Sale Solutions

POS is a combination of both hardware & software for the purpose of handling data around financial transactions made in your business.
As a business owner you can feel pulled in many directions and realistically can't be everywhere at once. Clients of OBE love that our point of sale systems make them feel connected to the minute to minute status of their business, from anywhere.

Our point of sale technology is enjoyably easy to use, comes with full inventory management, detailed reporting and several other key features. And, just as important, our POS systems transact data for the customer all wrapped up in a seamless experience.

Point of Sale Products & Services for NZ businesses

Learn about our POS systems that will benefit your business or contact us at any stage for some one-to-one human advice. (OBE are proud to be part of the New Zealand wide POSCOM group of companies that support businesses throughout NZ for POS and Eftpos.)

Case Study - POS Solutions for Vogel Street Kitchen in Dunedin NZ

Vogel St Kitchen, Dunedin

We have been using Otago Business Equipment as our point of sale service provider for 6 years, since our first cafe opened on Vogel Street.
They have always provided us with thorough and friendly support throughout this time.
They are extremely responsive in solving any of our technical issues and showing up if we need them outside their business hours.
We have found them to be personable and professional at all times and are happy to recommend them and to support another local Dunedin business.

Riah McLean, Owner, Vogel St Kitchen & Heritage Coffee, Dunedin

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