POS Products

OBE provides Eftpos and POS solutions to help manage and control your business. Effective solutions specifically designed for all customers whether you are involved in the hospitality industry, retailing, distribution, manufacturing or wholesaling. We are an experienced Eftpos and POS supplier and with over 40 years in the business providing 7 day backup, our customers trust us and value our knowledge, experience and support.

Restaurant Orders using iPAD app “IdealPOS Handheld”

Idealpos Handheld App works in conjunction with Idealpos Software and requires the Restaurant Module in Idealpos.
Idealpos has developed a handheld app for Apple iPhone, iPod and iPad devices to allow staff to offer better service on the floor to your customers. Offering advanced capabilities to place an order quickly, or allow the customers to place their own order, this is a time saver in your pocket! What better way to increase sales while offering better service than to have the POS right there when you need it.



Touch Screen Terminals

Touch Screen Hardware

Element,  HP etc. Various Makes and Models of Touch Screen Computer Terminals. Windows POS10 OS.


Card Swipe
Customer Display
Pole Stand
Wall Bracket

POS System


Cash Drawer EC410 4 Note/10 Coin

Medium Cash Drawer with 4 Note Holders, 10 Coin Slots,
24V Solenoid,
2M RJ12 Cable,
Casio connection option
Metal Heavy Duty

Cash Drawer EC460 5 Note/10 Coin

Large Cash Drawer with 5 Note Holders, 10 Coin Slots,
24V Solenoid,
2M RJ12 Cable.
Metal Heavy Duty

FlipTop Cash Drawer

VPOS Fliptop Cash Drawer
6 Note 8 Coin Slots
Includes cash tray insert & locking lid
Black Colour
Stainless Steel Top
24V Solenoid
W=460mm, D=170mm, H=100mm

Hand Held Bar Code Scanner

The LS2208 handheld bar code scanner provides fast, reliable scanning in an ergonomic, lightweight form. The durable working range — from near-contact to 40 centimetres makes this device ideal for retail, hospitality or warehouse settings. Multiple on-board interfaces ensure integration with a variety of POS systems.

Bench Bar Code Scanner

Quick to Switch Mode The Switch at the top of the scanner allows users to swiftly toggle between the Regular and Screen modes.

Superior Motion Tolerance  Exceptional motion tolerance (2.5m/s)and large FOV (46°)enhance user experience.

IP50-rated Sealing  An IP50-rated seal renders the scanner impervious to dust, water and other contaminant.

Superb Reading Performance Armed with Newland’s fifth-generation of  technology, the scanner is capable of reading 1D  as well as high-volume 2D barcodes on the screen covered with protective film.

1.2m Drop Resistance The scanner withstands multiple 1.2m drops to concrete(for six sides, one drop per side).

IR Trigger The IR sensor in the scanner enables speedy capture of barcodes presented to it, markedly increasing throughput and productivity.

Bixolon SRP350PlusIII Thermal Printer

  • 80ml Thermal Receipt Printer
  • Clam Shell Paper Loading
  • All in one USB, Serial, Ethernet
  • Draw Kick
  • Fast printing up to 250mm/Sec
  • Graphic logo options

Bixolon SRP275 Dot Matrix Printer

Drop in and print paper loading
∙ Lift the lid, drop in the roll, and close the lid and print. Nothing could be easier. No more feeding rolls through slots or rollers Faster and quieter
∙ Logic seeking, bidirectional print technology allows higher speed than the previous models with much less noise Built-in power supplyPrint alarm buzzer for noisy placesHigh operational reliability
∙ The market proven quality by world installation provides you option of an auto-cutter and take-up, and the ability to print one original plus two copiesTrustworthy reliability (1.8 million lines)

Space efficient /optional vertical and wall mount kits available.

Serial, Parallel or Ethernet interface options.

Epson TMT-88III Thermal Printer

The Epson TMT-88 features thermal printing on 80mm wide paper. Not only is the TMT-88 the perfect choice for the hospitality environment but also for retail, medical, warehouse, manufacturing and mail order. This great printer is easy to integrate to any system. Printers come in USB, Serial, Ethernet or Parallel connection.