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CASIO VR7000 Android Touch Terminal


 POSitively Unique… POSitively Versatile

The V-R7000 and V-R7100 are Andriod™ based POS terminals highlighted by a 15.6” wide touch screen in a thin ergonomically designed cabinet and pedestal. The V-R7000 and V-R7100 utilize Android™ software version 4.2 (jelly bean). Similar to the V-R100, the V-R7000/7100 POS terminals are designed without a fan, hard disk drive or any movable components to ensure efficient store operations by eliminating common hardware problems experienced with PC based hardware.

CloudPOS is cloud based software available for reporting and programming of the Casio VR series terminals.

CloudPOS can be used across a wide range of devices including PC’s, tablets and mobile phones. Access requires only a web browser and an internet connection, and no additional applications are required.

The functionality of CloudPOS is included in the following:

  • Monitoring of close to real time data from the live dashboard.
  • Reporting tool for end of day and historical reports including export to pdf and csv.
  • Integration to Xero accounting software.
  • Remote programing of groups, departments, PLU’s and Set Menus etc.

Casio VR200 all in one Android Touch Terminal

The Casio VR200 is an Android-based POS terminal designed specifically for the POS industry that offers both an embedded application and an open platform. The embedded application is Casio’s software, designed specifically for small to medium sized hospitality and retail applications. The open platform allows the option for software companies to develop and run their software on the VR200. Applications from third party software companies include table service, quick service, general retail and grocery.

Additional highlights of the VR200 include the 10.4″ operator colour touch screen, a built-in 80mm thermal printer, a pop-up 2×20 customer display, an Ethernet port for high speed communications between terminals and the internet, multiple serial ports for peripheral connectivity, cash connector and an SD Card for program backup.

Casio delivers the Android platform for original software applications, providing turn-key embedded Casio software for hospitality and retail applications.

CloudPOS is cloud based software available for reporting and programming of the Casio VR series terminals.

Casio QT6600 Touch Screen

The QT-6600 flash ROM touch POS terminal offers flexible connectivity, stable system integrity, easy operation, speed and efficiency for your hospitality or retail needs. The 15” touch screen and a built-in 2-line alpha/numeric customer display encompassed in a solidly built cabinet design generating the impression of a high end PC/POS terminal but without inherent hard drive and operating system problems. The QT-6600’s built-in software is designed with fast food, table service, cafeteria and retail scanning in mind. A variety of operational features are available that include floating guest checks, sharing printers, time & attendance, mix & match discounting, a large scanning file, time and date activated operations (price shifting or automated reporting), graphical split check and integrated credit/debit gift card functionality to name a few.

  • 15” Flash ROM Touch Screen
  • No Hard Drive or Fan
  • Multiple Serial Port for Peripheral Connectivity

Links to Tillmanager Back Office software for Reporting, Programming and Stock Control.

Astute Software, Till Manager

Till Manager

This product allows you to connect multiple cash registers to a computer system for easy programming, sales reporting and now stock control with the new Premium version..

It gives you a high level of control and functionality through its easy-to-use, list orientated, drag-and-drop interfaces. This enables you to program cash registers using a simple graphical display, and allows you to report on and export sales information, reporting on stock valuation, run stock takes and input supplier invoices.

Till Manager is compatible with a wide range of Casio cash registers. It includes features such as:

  • Daily sales reports – by product, by clerk, by department, by hour
  • Historical sales reports for any range of dates
  • Analysis reports for Best/Worst Sales, Not Sold Items and Profit
  • Fast, simple, graphical control of cash register keyboard/screen layouts
  • Time based pricing for special offers
  • Remote management of most register features
  • An automated system for scheduled over night communications
  • Time and attendance support and reporting
  • Integrated back-up of ECR data
  • Export of sales information for use in Microsoft Excel, MYOB, etc.
  • Export of program data for use in Label Printing, Microsoft Excel, etc.
  • Casio tills supported: QT6600, QT2100, QT6000, QT6100, QT6600, TE2200, TE2400, TE3000S, TE4000F, TE4500F, TE7000S, TE8000F, TE8500F, TK3200, TK7000.
  • TillManager comes in four versions: Lite, Business, Premium and Professional.