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Idealpos is powerful

IdealPOS is a powerful and versatile PC Point of Sale system with a full suite of features for both hospitality and retail. It is extremely robust and reliable, while remaining fast and easy to learn for both operators and managers.

We provide 7 day phone support for IdealPOS. We have many sites outside Dunedin where we provide support over the internet – we can work on your system under your supervision without the delays and costs involved in travelling to your site.


Idealpos is the first choice for Point of Sale Software & Hardware

Idealpos is exactly that, an ideal Point of Sale solution for your business. Supporting many different industry types including bars, cafes and restaurants, through to retail, hotels, dry cleaning and more, you can be confident that we will be able to handle your business in any situation.

If you sell items or services to customers, you want an ideal pos system to handle that. Idealpos can cater for your business requirements based on their over 30 years experience in the industry. Integrating with leading third-party software and hardware vendors, Idealpos has the solutions to help your business reach the goals you set out to achieve.


IdealPOS has it covered

When it comes to hospitality & retail businesses, Idealpos has it covered. Idealpos includes features such as Gift Vouchers, Customer Accounts, Promotions, Profit reports, best & worst seller reports, full stock control etc, it also covers Customer Loyalty. Reports can be automatically printed, emailed, saved as PDF or exported into various file formats. You can also connect your Eftpos terminal; integrate Barcode Scanners, Customer Advertising Displays and using the Restaurant module download the Hand held App on an iPod, iPad or iPhone for mobile order service at tables.




Restaurant Orders with iPOD, iPhone, iPAD app for IdealPOS


Idealpos Handheld App works in conjunction with Idealpos Software and requires the Restaurant Module in Idealpos.
Orders can be placed on the app and sent to the Idealpos Software where products are automatically printed to kitchen printers or displayed on Ideal Kitchen Monitor.
Other functions available on the app are bill printing, table enquiries and viewing notes for specials of the day.
Items can be entered with seat numbers and text can be added to the order.
Demo mode is available for customers to use the app without networking it with the Idealpos Software.



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Element G1820, Fanless FEC,  EBN,  Vpos, HP etc. Various Makes and Models of Touch Screen Computer Terminals. Fanless options, Windows POS07 OS.


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